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Eight methods for the treatment of urinary incontinence in old dogs
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This article can provide some tips and suggestions to help you take care of your lovely old dog. One of the problems many older dogs face is urinary incontinence. There are several reasons why an old dog may lose control of his urine. If not handled properly, it may cause great confusion and further medical complications at home. However, there are some ways to reduce the effects of incontinence and do proper cleaning after chaos to make things easier for your home and your old dog. Here are eight tips to help you deal with your old dog's urinary incontinence.

1。 See the vet first

There are too many medical problems that can lead to incontinence, and the good news is that many of them can be treated. If your dog has difficulty controlling their bladder or defecation, the veterinarian may give a simple medical explanation. On the other hand, incontinence may be a symptom of a more serious problem, or consult your veterinarian so that they can start treatment as soon as possible. When you find out that your dog has been out of control until you go out, or if they have frequent accidents at home, you should always, always, always see the vet.

2。 Explore medical options

Several causes of incontinence in dogs are medically treatable. For example, kidney stones or bladder stones can be removed by surgery or medication, and can be prevented by maintaining a healthy weight, drinking water, and a high protein diet. Diabetes can be treated with insulin drugs. Some infections can be treated with antibiotics. The medical choice of treatment depends on the diagnosis of your veterinarian. Even if your dog is just getting older and their muscles are not as strong as they used to be, there are treatments and drugs that can strengthen the bladder and sphincter, giving your dog more control. Most incontinent dogs benefit from medical care to some extent, so don't lose hope.

It is worth noting that some drugs can cause incontinence as a side effect. If your dog has urinary incontinence due to medication, talk to your veterinarian about a different treatment.

3. More frequent walks and bedpan breaks

One way to prevent clutter at home is to keep your dog out in the bathroom regularly. Giving your old dog enough opportunities to relax, especially before they wake up in the morning and go to bed at night, can help a lot. The more chances your dog gets out of the house, the less likely it is to lose control and mess up indoors. Your dog may also feel anxious when they have urine because they know they should not go there to urinate, and allowing them to enter the outdoor area will help reduce accidents and anxiety.

4。 Keep pet products clean

No matter where your dog sleeps, make sure the bedding is easy to wash and that you take care of it after every accident. Feces can expose your dog to bacteria and parasites, and wet bedding can attract mold or cause infections in your dog. Some dog owners rely on plastic coverings or towels to make beds for their puppies. Find a solution that allows your dog to sleep comfortably in a clean environment while making it easy for you to wash after an accident.

5。 Pet diapers

Now, there are many manufacturers of pet diapers, and many products on the market can at least prevent the confusion caused by incontinence. Dog diapers come in all sizes. So they're very practical. No matter what solution you use, just make sure you don't leave chaos in your dog. If you notice that they have an accident, clean it up immediately and change your pet's diaper. Failure to do so can lead to irritation and infection.

6。 Keep your dog clean and dry

It is very difficult to keep a dog clean when he is incontinent, and there are some additional challenges when bathing an older dog. But it's very important to clean up any mess immediately. Water in the urine can irritate the skin and cause infection. Feces contain a large number of harmful bacteria, which can attract parasites and pests. Make sure your dog is kept as clean as possible to avoid further medical problems.

7。 Ask your veterinarian if you should ban water and food intake before going to bed.

For some dogs, it may be appropriate to ban their water and food intake before going to bed at night. This can help them spend the night without accidents, it can also help them keep clean and reduce the need to wash their bedding frequently. However, this is not the solution for every dog. Some medical conditions require your dog to drink water regularly, and some dogs get sick if they don't have a little food in their stomach at night. Ask your veterinarian if the food and water that your veterinarian banned your dog are safe.

8。 Ask your veterinarian about dietary changes

Sometimes, adding fiber to the dog's diet or switching to a hypoallergenic diet can make the stool firm and prevent gastrointestinal discomfort that leads to incontinence. Other medical conditions can be controlled by dietary changes, which can reduce secondary symptoms such as incontinence. For example, some diets can change the acidity of urine and prevent stones. Obesity can also lead to stones, and a healthy high protein diet combined with exercise can help prevent stones. You should always ask your veterinarian before changing your dog's diet, so discuss your dog's food with your veterinarian to see if the change is appropriate.

Has your old dog ever been incontinent? How do you deal with it and deal with the chaos around your home? Please let us know in the comments below!

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