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New Zealand Council: dogs must wear pet diapers in public
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From July 1, Napier City Council will require all dogs to use pet diapers in public places, it was announced today (April 1).

The initiative was introduced in response to public complaints about the amount of dog manure in the city's parks and reserves.

Made of specially designed biodegradable diapers. They are available in a variety of sizes to ensure that they are suitable for dogs of all shapes and sizes and will be gender neutral in color.

The diaper is based on a Parisian design with the Napier City Council Logo on it. These are fully biodegradable puppies diapers. Starting in early June, Napier will be able to buy the diapers. They could cost about $2.50, 10 per pack.

"For years, we've been trying to educate the city's dog owners to carry plastic bags and pick up their dog poop. It seems to be ignored, "said Lance titter, director of city services.

"What's more, plastic bags are not recyclable and biodegradable. This new initiative addresses two issues - eliminating dog manure in public places and reducing waste by reducing non biodegradable plastic bags. "

"We realize that this will add an extra cost burden to dog owners, but in the long run, the benefits are worth it."

From July 1, dogs without diapers in public places will have their owners liable for an immediate fine of $50.

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