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Rotating diameter 6.5m
Load capacity 40 persons
Turntable static inclination 11°
Dynamic maximum inclination 21°
Coverage 13 x 13 (m2)
Turntable speed 0-12.8 rpm (adjustable)
Source voltage 3N 380V 50HZ
Grounding mode TN-S
Control mode automatic control and manual debugging
Running time 3 minutes
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Fairground games machine names of amusement park rides tagada for sale

Introduction of Fairground games machine names of amusement park rides tagada for sale

Tagada disco amusement ride is a large amusement machine of gyro kind. And it is very popular with both children and adults. It consists of a big disc, and fence for protection.

This ride really simulates a “dance”, that is the reason why it is so popular for teenagers.A back decorated scenery, special lights and sound system complete the ride for its success.

Disco TAGADA is a very popular amusement facility on the world recent years! The facility goes up and down suddenly in operation, which just as if the ocean rises up and down and the space flying saucer is changeful, fast and slow. Meanwhile, with the strong shock of disco music, passengers will feel that they are just like a dancing note! Disco TAGADA brings passengers endless exciting and joy!

1.The equipment include colorful lights, timer and music;

2.Attractive and exciting;

3.Safty security.

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