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Reduce cleaning time, so that you have more energy to enjoy a relaxed and comfortable living environment. It can also be used in pet cages and other places.

Pet diaper male special Labrador golden hair Teddy polite pants gentleman pants dog male dog diaper

Pet diapers are specially designed according to the physiological characteristics of male and male dogs;

·It can be widely used in pet's physiological estrus period, during and after disease care, and as pet's convenient diaper;

·The antibacterial design can effectively prevent the reproduction of bacteria and eliminate the odor for a long time;

·The lap joint adopts the Velcro lap joint method, which can be repeatedly bonded, and is convenient for adjusting waist circumference, wearing and detaching;

·The thickened polymer super absorbent urine pad design greatly increases the water absorption of the pants;

·The three-dimensional enclosure design on both sides can effectively prevent leakage.

High efficient water absorption layer, quickly absorb urine and solidify into a block, anti bacteria, deodorization, instant absorption, antibacterial deodorization

Product features:

1. The unique imported polymer resin super strong absorption material, water absorption can reach dozens of times of its own volume.

2. After absorbing water, it can be expanded into jelly shape, which does not leak and stick to hands.

3. Special embossing on the surface of diapers can drain the liquid quickly.

4. Diapers contain antibacterial agents, which can eliminate odor for a long time.