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product details

Pet diapers are specially designed according to the physiological characteristics of dogs and cats;

·It can be widely used in pet's physiological estrus period, during and after disease care, and as pet's convenient diaper;

·The antibacterial design can effectively prevent the reproduction of bacteria and eliminate the odor for a long time;

·The lap joint adopts the Velcro lap joint method, which can be repeatedly bonded, and is convenient for adjusting waist circumference, wearing and detaching;

·Pee pants are specially provided with holes for pets' tail, so that pets can show their tails;

·The thickened polymer super absorbent urine pad design greatly increases the water absorption of the pants;

·The three-dimensional enclosure design on both sides can effectively prevent leakage.

High efficient water absorption layer, quickly absorb urine and solidify into a block, anti bacteria, deodorization, instant absorption, antibacterial deodorization

Product size s, m, l

Process flow: fluff pulp crushing system fluff pulp Penghua, polymer adding system PE film, non-woven fabric, absorbent paper automatic feeding system thermosol spraying system forming system packaging folding system.

Product structure: PE tape casting film at the bottom and hot-rolled non-woven fabric on the top. The middle absorbent layer is composed of imported high-quality fluff pulp and high-performance polymer absorbent resin.

Product features:

1. It can absorb urine and other body fluids for many times, so as to keep the surface of urine pad dry and dry, and ensure the health of pets.

2. Quickly absorb excreta and remove bad smell, so as to keep indoor air fresh.

3. It is easy to use, environmental protection and sanitation.

usage method:

1. The house is equipped with a double-layer toilet for pets. The bottom structure is composed of a screen shaped panel and a box bottom plate, which is easy to clean separately and use the pet diaper easily.

2. If it's only a single toilet, it's better to use the one with screen panel. Spread the pet diaper on the screen panel.