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HNA allows passengers' pets to enter the cabin. Pets need to wear diapers
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Hainan Airlines has recently lifted the ban on using mobile phones on board, which has been praised as convenient for the people, according to the voice of China news. Hainan Airlines has recently launched a "passenger cabin pet transport" service in nine cities, including Guangzhou and Hefei, and Sichuan Airlines plans to launch similar services.

Previously, in domestic flights, pets can only stay in the cargo hold to be checked in, enjoying cabin treatment is the first time. Many netizens think this is very humanized, which solves the trouble of not carrying pets at a distance. But some netizens worry that this will affect the comfort of flying.

According to the regulations of HNA, passengers only need to prepare the animal quarantine certificate and the vaccination certificate of small animals, and then they can apply to the ticket office directly under HNA 24 hours in advance.

Of course, there are many other conditions.

How many pets can you bring in each cabin?

If every passenger wants to bring all kinds of pets into the cabin on a flight, it is obviously unrealistic. In terms of quantity, each cabin can bring 2 pets and each passenger can bring 1 Pet. Secondly, HNA has a variety limit on pets, which can only be cats and dogs within the limited range. They should be more than 6 months old, healthy and not pregnant. The total weight of pet and pet box should not exceed 5kg. That is to say, if your cat and dog are fat or close to 5kg, you must lose weight before you want to get on the plane.

Where does the pet stay on the plane?

According to the regulations, pets need to stay in the pet box all the way, placed under the front row of the seat. The upper limit of length x width x height is 35x28x24cm, which is equivalent to two ordinary women's shoeboxes stacked together. Therefore, it can be seen from the volume and weight that the passengers of HNA are allowed to bring only kittens and puppies, and the animals exceeding the limit still need to be checked in the cargo hold.

How to ensure the flight experience of other passengers?

In terms of ensuring the experience of other passengers, HNA has also made many detailed provisions. In addition to changing positions between passengers, it is also required that owners should prepare and wear mouthpieces for pets to prevent barking, diapers to prevent urination and defecation, and should not be fed with water.

After the new regulations came out, many netizens worried that others carrying pets would affect their flight experience. A reporter from voice of China interviewed several people in Hefei, Anhui Province.

Crowd a: "I feel that I have a conflict with my pet on the plane, because I am especially afraid that pets will make noise and smell on the plane, and I am really allergic to dog hair, so I am very worried about the allergic situation when I take my pet on the plane and sit next to other passengers. If I do encounter it in the future, I should choose to adjust my seat, or pay attention when I choose a flight, and try to avoid sitting with my pet. "

Crowd B: "I mind. Because personally, I don't like pets very much. After all, the seat space on the plane is limited. If a pet is put in the front of the plane, it may move at any time, which is very inconvenient for other passengers. "

What do civil aviation experts say?

Civil aviation expert Lin Zhijie told VOA that this is also the concern of many airlines before, "mainly for safety considerations, airlines will think that pets or animals enter the cabin, one is the safety of pets has a certain impact, the other is that it can affect other passengers, may affect the order of the cabin, so domestic companies basically Pets were forbidden to enter the cabin before

However, from the comments on the Internet, more people praise the humanized service of HNA. I don't mind the little animals around me.

Passenger a: "no, because I'm also a pet owner, so I understand that the owner of the pet doesn't want to put the pet in the trailer compartment."

Passenger B: "I don't mind passengers taking kittens and puppies on the plane. It doesn't matter if you put your pet in the pet box all the way."

The staff of HNA told the voice of China that a pet had entered the cabin the day before yesterday, and the passengers responded well. At present, the service belongs to the "trial" stage. It will collect feedback, improve product design, and provide better service for the vast number of passengers.

Lin Zhijie believes that from foreign experience, pets into the cabin will not cause great hindrance to passengers, and the service of domestic airlines will become more and more humanized. "I think it's a landmark event. It shows that the main orientation of airlines is to arrive at the destination safely and quickly from the original passenger transportation, and now it is gradually changing to provide warm, thoughtful, or comfortable services for passengers to meet the personalized needs of passengers, which shows that the service concept or service guidance of airlines is indicated A gradual change to. Many foreign mainstream airlines actually allow pets into the cabin, which should be a big trend. "

Which cities can enjoy this service?

At present, the scope of the service is limited to domestic direct flights from Guangzhou, Qingdao, Changsha, Kashgar, Xiamen, Haikou, Jinan, Shenzhen and Hefei. Each pet in each leg is charged RMB 800. As for whether Beijing, Shanghai and other regions can open this service, HNA staff said it was inconvenient to disclose. (end) (source: Voice of China)

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